Why it’s important to have a professional head shot.

People are taking photographs more than ever these days. As the advancement of technology and social media collide, artistic boundaries will continue to be pushed.

Digitalism may be taking over, however it’ll still be a while before computers can compete with a photography brain, remarkable skill sets and the creative power of imagination.

But all selfies and filters aside, does a snap from a smart phone truly capture and promote your character the way a professional head shot can?

Let’s look at six reasons how a session with an expert makes a world of difference and why it’s totally worth the investment.

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1. They exude professionalism and make a great first impression

A website showcasing clever copy alongside some awesome graphics just isn’t enough to woo online traffic anymore. One of the best additions to an ‘About Us’ page is a vibrant, charismatic head shot to show you’re serious about your business and your work.

Customers often perceive those who’ve spent time and money on their professional reputation as someone who’s successful and passionate about what they do.

 First impressions still count, so it’s imperative you make your target market feel as though they’ll be looked after and receive quality services from a trusted face.

2. Helps express personalisation for your customers

Creating a confident connection between your image and potential customers is an absolute must.

A clear, vibrant shot of you from the waist up with an appropriate background representing you in your most positive light shows people you’re willing to interact with them on a more personal level.

Relationships are your business whether its with consumers, clients or business partners propping up your services. It also helps bestow your personality onto those that are yet to meet you, with a professional head shot being the next best thing.

Change things up by ceasing to make your brand the face of your business and allow others to see exactly who they’re dealing with.

3. Improves job hunt efforts

Gone are the days of emailing a stale, black and white-text resume to a few shortlisted positions with recruiters adding just another name to the pile.

Recognition sells in today’s market and what better way is there to build an effective reminder than being one of few to exhibit extra professionalism with a head shot.

This also works in a digital sense and is highly recommended if your name is extremely common. Photos of subpar quality and that are used or submitted out of context just won’t cut it if you want to come across as a serious job seeker.

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4. Consistency enhances branding strategies

Uniformity ensures customers remember you. It’s crucial for a business or face to be identifiable from anywhere making professional head shots your go-to tactic.

Solicitors, real estate agents and various freelance workers often use their head shot as a gateway to their business. In these sorts of occupations, your face is ultimately your brand and your reputation, making it a no-brainer as to why you’ll need top-tier photo work demonstrating your talents.

 The Studio 1000 team will offer suggestions on how to capture your brand and help you make decisions on which shot best suits what you’re doing if you’re finding it difficult to choose during your viewing.

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5. They can be utilised across virtually any platform

With so many ways to submit and access information now, you’ll need photographs that are versatile and are appropriate to be displayed or attached to just about anything and everywhere.

Make sure you opt for both portrait and horizontal style photos to suit a range of purposes you intend to use them for. Whether it’s social media accounts, a business website or you’re sending in A4 prints for auditions, professional head shots can be utilised wherever you need them to be.

6. Everyone loves matching a face with a name

It’s important to remember that expert photography teams along with their studio and touch-up capabilities will produce you a personality-orientated shot almost impossible to capture by yourself.

You’ll need style and lighting tips, as well as pose and expression recommendations that only experienced and knowledgeable photographers can combine.

The bottom line is that there are subtle but significant differences between simply pasting a photo on your website and shooting a purposeful, professionally focused session for a high quality print.

It’s also fairly easy for people to notice these differences when conducting comparisons, contemplating purchases and making final recruitment selections.

The role premium quality head shots play in a number of professional aspects is astronomical! Let others view your business through your character by investing in a Studio1000 Unique Photoshoot Experience!

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