The Swanky Paws Charity Book Project.

What Is the Swanky Paws Charity Book?

The Swanky Paws Charity Book is an exquisitely unique coffee table book featuring over 101 dogs spruced up and photographed as you’ve never seen before! All four-legged friends had been photographed at Studio1000 Photography Australia’s luxury studio in Penrith. A Charity Initiative by Studio1000 Photography Australia and Swanky Paws to raise money for RSCPA NSW.

Elton - Head of the Studio1000 portraiture department and also featured in the Swanky Paws Charity Book V1

Elton - Head of the Studio1000 portraiture department and also featured in the Swanky Paws Charity Book V1

How it began

Studio1000 Photography have always had a long-running history photographing pets as industry leaders in professional family photography for over 20 years.

Mark Flew from Studio1000 said “We wanted to use our platform to inspire and connect, not just to raise awareness but to also make a positive impact and utilise our position as a powerhouse in the Australian Photography Industry to deliver happiness through an exciting charity project.”

With similar charity projects inspiring us in the past, we knew this was our opportunity to get onboard with Swanky Paws and deliver photography that’s extremely unique and a cut above the rest.

Every dog has a story and we wanted to help tell their tale in a way that was lovingly engaging and thought-provoking while showcasing photography, fashion and charity all beautifully intertwined.

The pandemic stemmed a spark of real motivation to positively pivot and do something we were all passionate about.

Big Brother winner 2020 Chad Hurst visited the Studio to support the project and have photos with his pooch Buddy.

Story so far

Over nine months ago, Studio1000 contacted the team at Swanky Paws running the idea by them of combining studio photography with dog fashion for over 101 incredibly intriguing pets.

Thrilled by our initiative, a collaboration was born to craft a professional coffee table book exhibiting the 101 ridiculously cute and distinctive dogs photographed in the most outrageous fashion!

Combining our love of photography, animals, fashion and design, the Swanky Paws Charity Book made its way to coffee tables Australia-wide!

We wanted to let every doggie experience supermodel status and have their own moment to exude their personalities on camera. Each pooch brought their own style, charisma, nerve and swank and did not disappoint in front of the lens!

The Photography

All shot by Studio1000 Photography Australia. Our studio boasts luxury finishes with the highest quality studio photography equipment. We wanted to create and deliver a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for all the doggies and their excited owners, keen to witness their pets strutting their stuff for quite possibly, the first time ever!

The Fashion

All of the featured fashion was handmade by Swanky Paws. Although some of the products were part of Swanky Paws’ regular fashion ranges, some of the exclusive fashion was created especially for the charity book. Swanky Paws worked with the owners from the book to try and capture the dog’s personality, flair and best look to suit!

Swanky Paws is Australia's leader in canine fashion and an Australian doggy fashion label focused on providing Paw-some accessories for many mesmerising doggo events throughout the year.

44019-121 copy 2 (2).jpg

Shelly pictured here with her two Doogo’s Sampson & Sizzle said -

“I’m a vet at the RSPCA NSW and my two dogs (Samson and Sizzle) had their photoshoot for the Swanky Paws Charity Book project. I had so much fun dressing up and getting our photos done, and my dogs enjoyed the whole experience!”

The Purpose

Helping dogs less fortunate while providing dog lovers with the rare opportunity to celebrate their dogs in a COVID safe way. Photography and fashion capture this magically!

Not every dog is lucky enough to find their forever home with this book providing hope to all dogs in securing their true place of peace alongside an owner who’ll cherish them.

Having lifelong memories with their dog published professionally in a world-renowned art piece is a story every dog-lover want to share

About the Book

It’s a sophisticated, fashion-inspired portrait-style book meticulously designed and shot by Studio1000 Photography Australia. The book was printed and manufactured in Australia of the highest quality, supporting Australian businesses while ensuring our first, limited edition book was published locally.

“It’s a beautiful coffee table book” – Jonathon Moran from the Sunday Telegraph.

Jonathon Moran pictured with his fur babies DanDan, Bruiser, Lilly & Marcia

Jonathon Moran pictured with his fur babies DanDan, Bruiser, Lilly & Marcia

Featuring fabulous quotes throughout, this extraordinary display of doggy talent is divided into six stimulating categories showcasing some of the finest pet photography. From the edgy to the dapper, and even chic fashion, we’ve stopped at nothing to ensure we’ve packed our debut doggy book full of show-stopping photo art for everyone to revel in. Some of the more momentous categories include Shine Bright, Pawty Time, I Do, Dogs at Work, Sunday Best and Starstruck!

Each doggy snap features hilarious bios written by an L.A.-based comedian that will have you in stitches from front cover to back.

It also mentions RSPCA NSW and discusses all the generous, heart-felt work they’re involved with along with details of a special donation made by Sydney Socialite Christa Billich.

Also featured are many familiar-faced celebrities and their prized pooches including Chad Hurst, Big brother winner from 2020, Shelly Horton, a locally-loved Channel 9 Television Presenter and many more.

As an absolute must-have for those extra-avid canine lovers out there, this book is the jaw-dropper you need for your living room. Explore a collection of Insta-famous canines including @badgal_peaches, & @tacos_frenchies all with over 80,000 Instagram followers each!

Limited edition copies of the book are available for purchase here>

Pictured below are some celebrities and their Dogs getting behind the cause - @melissahoyer & Scout, @chad_hurst & Buddy, @shellyhorton1 & Mr Barkley & Bella, @christa.billich & @charliebillich.

How the project has raised money

Owners who had their dogs photographed made a $75 donation with 100% of those funds heading directly to RSPCA NSW. A rather special mention goes out to Christa Billich, reserving ten photographs exclusively for RSPCA dogs and volunteers.

The project’s ultimate goal is to financially assist the RSPCA in finding safe and suitable new homes for the most needing of pooches.

Additionally, a further 10% of all book sales as well as 100% of launch event profits (including entry and raffle tickets), are also being donated to RSPCA NSW.

The Swanky Paws – Studio1000 collaboration has already raised $7,500 to date with the hope to double this figure by its conclusion!

The Difference We Can Make

The RSPCA NSW has involved itself in some of the most remarkable rescue-related work for all kinds of animals.

We asked them what our common donations would help fund, assuring us that:

  •   $5 – Helps purchase treats to assist with training dogs and readying them for adoption.

  • $10 – Helps provide an enrichment toy to keep an abused kitten happy whilst in the RSPCA’s care.

  • $18 - Provides an unwanted dog with a warm bed and a toy this Winter

  • $250 – Could go towards keeping one of our brave inspectors on the road fighting animal cruelty.

  • $1000 - Could provide surgery to an animal suffering from a patella fracture, easing their pain and suffering significantly.

  • $103 – Could pay for microchipping for ten dogs reuniting them with their family.

Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch Event

 What’s a book without a book launch party?

Limited to just 250 guests, the coveted Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch is guaranteed to be the best three hours for any dog lover in 2021. Toast and laugh the afternoon away on Sydney Harbour with Drinks & Canapes at the iconic Pier One Sydney!

The much-anticipated Swanky Paws Charity Book Launch Event will take place on the 7th November 2021!

The launch event still features the doggy fashion runway, a massive raffle with prizes valuing over 6k, champagne, canapés and more on offer for all our dog-loving guests! Purchase raffle tickets here – insert link

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we’ve been required to reschedule the launch. However, you won’t have to wait that long to see your doggies in action, with the book now being released on 31st July!

At the event, we will announce and reveal the new and exciting fashion categories for the NEXT book which will be even more unconventional and humorously satisfying than before! Next year’s Swanky Paws editions is something you definitely won’t want to miss!

The launch event will be the first opportunity to register for the next book securing your pooches spot for a shot at fame!
Get your tickets  


Without these amazing sponsors, the event simply would not have been possible!!

Coordinating 101 doggie shoots in a luxury photography studio is never easy, proving exponentially more challenging during the likes of COVID this year.

Our VIP treatment style attracts large booking volumes at times, especially during holiday periods! We’d like to take a moment and thank the following amazing members of our communities for their sincere contributions in helping to make our pet shoot sessions thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly memorable:

Sponsors Include Pier One SydneyPets As Guests, Fido’s, TRUEECOWoof GateauxBillich GalleryThe VIP Sydney, Social DiaryCoffee SelectorsMans BestPupsyDog Friendly CoRSPCA NSW, 

The Swanky Paws Charity Book Volume 1

The Swanky Paws Charity Book Volume 1

What next?

Keep up to date with all news relating to the Swanky Paws Charity Book Project by following the @swankypawscharitybookproject

Want to be a part of our next book, then register your Doggo here for the Swanky Paws Charity Book - Volume 2


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