Preparing for a Top Summer Photoshoot Experience.

As the mercury rises and we’re reintroduced to that scorching, crisp heat once again, the summer excitement and holiday vibes are noticeably here.

While November to February in Australia is usually a time for sun, surf and a mecca of other outdoor activities, a paradise-themed photoshoot could be that fun-filled, quirky alternative you're looking to create this summer.

 Studio1000 guarantees a unique photoshoot experience offering both indoor and outdoor sessions guided by some of the best in the business.

 Let's look at our top eight tips for preparing for your unique summer photoshoot experience by fully incorporating the season's exclusive features along with all its natural splendour.  

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1. Colour choice says it all

When it comes to seeking out summer clothing and gathering accessories, props and other things like backdrop formations, vibrancy, contrast and the eye-popping colour is what this seasonal based shoot is all about.

Think lairy and loud when deciding on a colour and be sure to include a dynamic range that creates the best balance between lightweight and piercing across your shots. Try to steer clear of darker shades and tones as this will likely dampen the upbeat imagery you’re wanting to convey.

2. Freshen things up with some summertime produce

Juicy, thirst-quenching summer fruits are an ideal addition to any situation where the purpose is to represent refreshment, happiness and satiety.

Don’t be afraid to pack some of your favourite (and the brightest), produce like mangoes, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, berries, vines and even something exotic like the fluorescence of a few dragon fruits to perk up your snaps.

3. Bring the beach to us

If you’re not one to venture out onto the sand to catch those blazing UV rays, the next best option is to fabricate your own beach in-studio!  Studio1000 have the facilities, equipment and expertise to accommodate any group and their shoot needs regarding themes and designs and will provide professional suggestions for enhancement and improvements.

Bring along your surfboards, beach balls, chairs, towels and maybe even a scuba diving suit. Perhaps your kids have a favourite beach tent or other toys? – the more we can add that reflects your genuine personalities the more realistic and inspiring your products will be!

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4. Deck yourselves out in swimwear and other cool gear

Dressing the part is half the battle in the photography world. Summertime demands comforting, airy and for some, revealing clothing options. Polka dots and lavish jewellery accessories have been at the top of this year’s trends too.

Immerse yourself in beach culture by fitting yourself out in what you’re most comfortable in prioritising relaxation and considering our colour hints from our first tip.

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5. Bring flowers for a little extra illumination

Flower bouquets and just about everything floral signifies calmness and coolness by beautifying all aspects of a summer shoot. Floral patterns also add that secondary decorative touch to what’s happening within the set, perfecting the summer environment with that extra colour splash.

6. Include some personal belongings and ornaments

Incorporating a little materialism that represents how you’d normally spend summer is one of the best ways to showcase a personality and generate memory-jogging moments in the future.

Hip cruiser bicycles, scooters and even small motorbikes can be accommodated within our studio or shot at alternate outdoor locations. Just remember to specify these at your initial shoot consultation so we can make necessary arrangements or adjustments for an impeccably successful session.


7. Add Fido to the mix

What would a photo shoot be without your furry little loved ones? We strongly recommend including your family pet as they’re a fantastic mood setter and spark a sense of natural, authentic positivity for shoot day.

It’ll also serve as a momentous occasion for when pets pass on as the finished artwork will preserve the family as a whole in its own unique way.

8. Be prepared to get wet!

While our team can undoubtedly create some incredible summer scenes and artificial beach-themed sets in-house, there’s nothing quite like personally sensing the sand, salt and surf for total authenticity.

Imitating those true summer feels by being splashed with water and sticking wet sand on every limb is the most legitimate way to shoot the best of summer.

Thinking about booking a Unique Photo Shoot Experience?

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Firing up yourself, your family or your buddies for a season-specific, colour-soaked photography session may take some preparation, however capturing that perfect combination of natural vibrancy, family-time enjoyment and all of summer's offerings is well worth the bonding efforts.

We guarantee a unique summer photoshoot experience like no other and ensure a fun, and exciting session for a range of shoot types and groups.

Get in touch with Studio1000 today via our Contact page to book a shoot or discuss all your professional summer session photoshoot or artwork finishing requirements!


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