How to Select the Perfect Keepsakes & Artwork Finish for Your Home

Having your photograph taken seems simple. You book your experience with a few vague ideas and a generalised expectation in mind.

With blends of excitement and uncertainty lingering as you wait for the big day, there’s one important element of photography that you’ve forgotten about – How that unique, finished product is going to present in your home!

One of our statement pieces finished in our custom hand made frame. Pictured here is the beautiful Vella family.

One of our statement pieces finished in our custom hand made frame. Pictured here is the beautiful Vella family.

Why is artwork finish so important?

Portrait photography truly is a fine art, and fine art is always complimented and enhanced by it’s surroundings. So, you can understand how an ill-matching keepsakes finish can significantly reduce the display potential and ‘wow’ factor to those admiring it. Style and finish association is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects when it comes to creating that eye-catching, mesmerizing effect you see with professional photographic artwork.

Here are a few things to consider before booking your first, or next shoot to ensure your portraits and finishes match your home perfectly:


Size & Positioning

Exactly where to place your portraits is often times the most difficult part of the process. However, your size selection could change everything in terms of best positioning.

Start by measuring up the wall space where you’d prefer the artwork and use the chosen photograph’s size to calculate whether or not it’s proportionately viable.

This means you wouldn’t want to hang a 50cm x 35cm artwork on an empty wall that exceeds 5 meters in length, as it would look a little ridiculous not to mention the squinting that’d be required to see any sort of detail.

Measuring and choosing the perfect size and place also eliminates crowding of a room and making it feel smaller. If you’ve already got a giant family portrait above the TV unit, it might be wise to hang your next one in a different room

Snap a few shots of your own of the desired space and bring it along to your next Studio1000 Design and Styling Consultation. This will assist our experts immensely in deciding on a finishing style.

Your home’s colour pallet

Colour contrast and other patterns can greatly effect not only how photographs present, but also the mood the room creates. It’s essential to consider not just the wall colours but everything from furniture, flooring and other key room aspects as well.

Some people enjoy vibrant colours throughout their home while others prefer a more neutral or softer tone. Both ends of the spectrum will work incredibly well with photography, it’s just a matter of having that professional eye offer a detailed opinion on artwork choice. Although there are no real limitations, a general rule of thumb is to provide colour where it may look best in a neutrally shaded room, meaning darker artwork works more effectively with brightly coloured decor.

The worst thing you can do is ‘hide’ or camouflage a beautiful piece of photography among the room’s colour pallet. Our team have been involved with the interior design space for a very long time, so you can be rest assured we’ll have the perfect option for you.

family statement piece (1).jpg

Style & Design

Much like our clients, lifestyles and home designs differ wildly. We’re not saying we’ve seen it all, however we might have come pretty close over the years. But whatever sort of style or design interior you enjoy, the team at Studio1000 are always up for a challenge!

The structure of your home, walls and furniture placement all play a role in choosing a keepsakes finish. Combining these with both our previous two points will ensure you’ve selected the most suitably, awe inspiring package to lock it all together.

Another important match-up to think about is how the concept or setting of the photograph makes an impression on the desired space.

For example, a formal photograph setting may not be best hung in a playfully bright, rumpus area of the house. The same applies to a humorous, well-detailed informal piece displayed in a bedroom where no one other than you or your partner would see it.

We can offer everything from canvases, modern acrylic, classic frames and every colour and design in between.

IMG_5923 - copy.jpg

Grab a tape measure, take a stroll around and really study the walls, furnishings, colours and designs of each space to determine where that next piece will be best suited.

It’s important to have this information handy when deciding upon an artwork and keepsakes finish to hang up and cherish for decades to come.

We guarantee a Unique Photo Shoot Experience like no other and ensure a fun, and exciting experience for a range of shoot-types and groups.

Drop us a line today via our Contact page to book a shoot or discuss all your professional photo-shoot or artwork finishing requirements!

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