5 Reasons Why You Should Include the Family Pet in Your Photo shoot.

The standard family portrait will compliment your home exuding it’s professionalism and genuine sentiment onto its admirers. However, the modern family dynamic is often made up of a bunch of loved ones of the four-legged variety, with many groups pondering the thought of including them in the artwork.

Here are five reasons why your pets (and your family), both deserve an incredible, uniquely tailored piece to cherish forever and why it makes for an amazing photo experience.

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1. They’re technically a family member

A prized pooch or furry feline are always considered more than just the run-of-the-mill family pet. You wouldn’t dare leave out a sibling or a grandparent of the annual family shoot, so why should your pets miss out either? Their unconditional love for you and your family provide a kind of support that’s easily taken for granted. If anyone has earned their spot up on the living room wall, it’s definitely Fido!

2. They enhance the shoot’s atmosphere

The mood on the day can ultimately make or break your photo shoot results, so what better way to lighten the surroundings and introduce some positive, invigorating authenticity providing your photos with that lively pop? Pets make the best inspirational and natural mood-enhancers of all as they keep you mentally associated with happiness and excitedly engaged in the moment as you play with your pet during the shoot.

3. Momentous memories for after they pass

Just like family members of your fellow species, pets shouldn’t be any exception when it comes to remembrance after they inevitably but sadly enter the gates of little pet heaven. While the realisation that your fluffy friend won’t be around forever may seem frightening, it also serves as an opportunity to preserve their memory with a professional photographic artwork. The finished product will be your treasured piece of history and a reminder of a time when your family was truly whole, reminiscing everything about your pet that was once the apple of your eye. Including the family dog, cat or other animals ensures your pets stay in the family even long after they pass.

4. They promote natural, positive emotion

Creating a natural environment while capturing sincere emotion is generally a challenge faced by both professional photographers and families integrating for their shoot. Utilizing your pet’s energy and revitalizing ambiance helps establish a light-hearted and relaxed setting which can assist in maintaining those happy and enjoyable photo vibes. On the contrary, if you did end up deciding to exclude your pet, there’s a good chance you’d quickly regret it. The one thought clouding your mind reminding you of your pet alone at home could transform the mood to a guilt-ridden, negative atmosphere. These sorts of saddening thoughts are detrimental to creating the happy family memories that you’re looking for.

5. Makes for an overall more exciting experience

For some families, elderly folks and even workplaces, pets have been the glue bonding people together for decades. A family photo shoot is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind, personalized product featuring that particular essence specific to your very own loved ones. Pets are that wow-factor that give photos that distinctiveness every family longs for in a professional family portrait. Not only is the physical, framed wall art a happiness-sparking memory but also the reflection on shoot day itself. How your pet behaved, unexpected mishaps or experiencing a moment with them that you may never have before are all going to be conversation-starters with friends in the future. Something that makes for an even more exclusively unique photo is incorporating multiple pets and attempting to seize their connection or highlight how they communicate within the photographs. This can produce a particularly amazing artwork especially if all your fuzzy friends get along.

Preparing your pet for the shoot – Some handy tips

While having your furry friend at the shoot can be a delight, most families often overlook the importance of the pre-shoot preparation required. Ensure your pet (especially dogs), are fed, bathed and walked a few hours before the shoot to avoid the complexities that arise from a fidgety or agitated animal. Perhaps even practice their unique tricks and command response as well so everyone’s ready on game day. It’s also wise to bring along their favorite treats or toys to create a more comfortable environment among the commotion of the photo shoot – remember, a happy pet makes happy photos!

Most importantly, you should prepare yourself as well as your pet, ensuring you’re in a photo-shooting mood before stepping in front of the lens. Animals can be extremely sensitive and know if something’s not quite right with what’s happening. This can effect how your pet reacts, behaves and performs during your photo shoot.

We guarantee a unique photo-shoot experience unmatched by similar services and ensure your party has a fun and professional session personalised for a range of groups.

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