Empowerment and Confidence: How a Professional Photo Shoot Boosts your Self-esteem.

With self-perception and beauty standards ever-encapsulating both men and women, societal pressures to feel like we need to ‘measure up’ are seemingly increasing exponentially.

Fashion trends along with cosmetic advancement are stressing us mentally and contributing to an already burdening feeling and concept that we’re not beautiful enough.

Studio1000 are here to tell you that empowerment and confidence can be taken back for good!

Here’s how our Unique Photo Shoot Experience will ensure rediscovering yourself and boosting your self-esteem is just a few steps away.


It helps erase negative self-image

Self-image and self-value are significant elements that influence our mood and outlook towards both ourselves and the world around us. Possessing the power to disallow the mental effects of judgement and displaying the rawness of a portrait designed to show you off using pure confidence is the healthiest path to self-empowerment.

Feel more connected with your own body and mind

As aging is inevitable, it’s quite easy to begin feeling out of touch with your body, spirit and overall character and start adapting bad habits regarding self-perception. Shooting what matters most to you while accurately reflecting personality helps you reconnect, re balance your thoughts and rejuvenate that youthful uniqueness you still have or feel you once had.

New-found confidence changes perspective on life

Stress, anxiety issues and all the complexities of our psyche all play major roles in affecting self-image and self-esteem, which in turn contributes to formulating either a positive or negative life perspective. 

You shouldn’t feel the need to compare yourself to all the highly edited images you see on social media and in magazines, however focus on capturing and celebrating whats unique about you. Studio1000 are ready to highlight every attribute!

Confronting fear empowers you

If you’ve ever heard the expression implying that fear is ‘all in your head’, then prepare to hear it one more time. This is still as true as the day it was first said, meaning it’s crucial to know that fear is created by your perception and is 100% conquerable in terms of anxiety.

While being self-conscious about your body type, skin type or other physical features might scare you out of a portrait, overcoming fear by being thrown in the deep end can be an incredibly satisfying first step to empowerment.

We’re here to reassure you that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and nothing you could do that the Studio1000 team haven’t seen or experienced before.

Picture yourself admiring the portrait in years to come while it serves as a inspirational reminder of how you broke fear’s barriers, took total control of your mindset and proved to yourself that the need for other’s approval was nothing but smoke and mirrors.

You’ll have something physical to be proud of

Although the photo shoot experience itself will provide you with the long sought-after empowerment you’ve been looking for, a tangible piece of pride to display in your home is a sure-fire, long-term investment in your own future happiness, confidence and well being. Call us old fashion but we believe fine art photography deserves a special place on the wall, that’s why we offer handcrafted finishes from custom framing, canvas, acrylic and beautifully crafted keepsake items for your home.

A portrait is a professional way to model your traits to loved ones and even motivate friends or family to embark on the path to empowerment.

Depending on the nature of the photos hoot, it’s a good idea to switch up styles and perhaps capture something that’s diversely appropriate for use with everything from private wall art to a career-promoting head shot.

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Our Pre-shoot Tips

Clothing selection

Be sure to choose something to wear that you feel attractive in and pushes you a little outside that comfort zone simultaneously. Think vibrant lingerie, colors, textures and never be afraid to mix things up.

Ditching the kit altogether is also a brave alternative to feel invigorated and revitalized and is the ultimate confidence conveyor.

Get comfortable with your team

We offer a comprehensive design and styling consultation one week prior to your photo shoot experience to discuss how we’ll incorporate your goals and ideas into the shoot. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know us a little more to ensure your are confident and comfortable before the big day. Knowing you are in safe hands with a professional eye already integrated will ensure the best possible outcome.

Just relax

Relax, relax, relax. This may be the most important aspect of the entire photo shoot and can ultimately determine the quality of your portrait results.

Photography captures and portrays emotion. Meaning how you’re feeling is exuded through the portrait creating a mood for your viewers. Being calm and shooting your true self is what you and others really want to see.

Thinking about booking a Unique Photo Shoot Experience?

Over the past few months Studio1000 ran an exciting giveaway to empower individuals with a unique photo shoot experience. We selected three amazing individuals to take part in our Empowered Giveaway to help them not only feel empowered but to also look and feel confident in their portraits.

We photographed and filmed each experience, see what they had to say below.



‘‘Studio 1000 has changed how I look and feel about family portraits forever,
I was always that chubby awkward girl who never showed up. I’ve deleted and torn up photo’s all my life battling low self esteem and fluctuating body weight.
I hated having photos taken and would often beg my family and friends to delete me. There were always lots of photos of the kids, the hubby, the dog, the cat, never any me. One day I decided I had enough and realised that if I died that it would be hard to find much evidence that I ever existed not much for the kids to remember me by.

I started being kinder to myself and challenged myself to see myself differently, then came other excuses, of “it’s too expensive’ or ‘I shouldn’t waste money spoiling myself’ still letting myself get in the way. On seeing that the studio had a giveaway I decided to enter. It’s easy to talk about what empowers me, it’s helping others. I just struggle at times to empower myself too..

When I got the call I went into shock, now there were no excuses and I couldn’t let myself get in the way.
So here I was at 41 having my makeup done and photos taken, for the first time in my life, feeling fantastic and laughing at myself a camera in my face.
How could I not love being spoiled and encouraged by the most beautiful, professional and understanding people you can ever meet.

The team at studio 1000 are real and are so down to earth they make you feel safe in your skin and show you that your beauty comes from within and they certainly captured this in my photos as I just love them!,

My mother cried, my teenagers can’t believe I’m going to hang my picture on the wall, and I have photos that I will never cut up as they show a mature woman who has realised her beauty inside and out,

So Ladies and Fellas, stop allowing yourself to get in the way, be beautiful and brave and let this team create a memory that you and your family will cherish.

Thank you Marc and team at Studio 1000, I will never forget this experience.’’

View Kathys experience video here >

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‘‘The team at Studio1000 are very professional, creative and personable. They made me feel confident and inspired about my self, even to go out of my comfort zone. I felt that the team were experts with a no pressure approach and with lots of giggles in between. I would highly recommend Mark and his team at Studio1000 for a professional yet fun experience.’’

View Sandra’s experience video here >



‘‘I was lucky enough to win a Studio1000 experience in their giveaway and I can safely say it was one of the highlights of 2020. I felt so glamorous and empowered during the shoot and the final result made me get quite emotional. Thank you Studio1000! I can highly recommend booking here if you want the professional and fun experience’’.

View Abbies experience video here>

We guarantee a Unique Photo shoot Experience unmatched by similar services and ensure you will have a fun and professional experience personalised to you.

Drop us a line today via our Contact Page to book a shoot or discuss all your professional photo-shoot requirements!


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