What does a Studio1000 Photoshoot Entail: Behind the Scenes with the Unique Photoshoot Experience Team

Curled up with the family and styled to a tee, the day you’ve been anticipating has arrived as you sit camera-ready in our studio’s comfort quarter.

Every laugh, every embrace and every tear will be affectionately etched into an artwork with your family cherishing this day forever through a unique keepsake piece.

Exhibiting a collection that showcases our finest work would not only be too easy, but we’d also be holding back on illustrating the authenticity, excitement and the genuine exclusiveness our Unique Photoshoot Experience has to offer.

While an intrigued imagination and past experiences can craft what your session may look like, we’d rather offer you a peek behind the curtain for a first-hand insight into what to really expect from Studio1000’s nationally-renowned signature experience.

From your booking call to receiving a hand-crafted piece of artwork, our unique experience is tailored specifically to you.

So what’s all the excitement about?

Before the day

Little do you know, your experience with Studio1000 started when you made the decision to contact us.

We’re a professional photography studio with over 20 years in the industry offering our trademark premium photoshoot package we call the Unique Photoshoot Experience.

Our team are a loving, caring and family-orientated group of professionals trained to capture and craft genuine family fun into a special artwork through the experience of a lifetime!

The booking call is where the journey begins, arranging a date and time for a 1-on-1 design and style consultation where you’ll have exclusive time with one of our designers. An industry professional will discuss your requests with you asking all the questions and offering expert suggestions and recommendations.

Step inside our studio

Our studio radiates a unique heartening and inspirational feel featuring world-class luxury make-up and styling spaces boasting an elegant and warm-lit design ensuring your family looks nothing short of stunning for the big day ahead.

Kick back in comfort as you settle in and relax to the sights and sounds of the immersive lighting and music trickling through your senses while we prep you for an unforgettable day in front of the lens.

Still, feeling a bit shy and uncomfortable? If there’s anything we can do to take the edge off, entertain the little ones or satisfy a personal preference, we’re here to add that touch of studio magic to make your day truly special.

The design and styling consultation.

When you arrive for your design and styling consultation you’ll be taken on a tour of our modern and spacious studio where you’ll get to meet and interact with our beautiful team and enjoy a walk-through of our comprehensive product range to accommodate your shoot.

We’ll also discuss and recommend the best clothing and fashion ideas, props, plus options and poses grasping a feel for your comfort level and adding any specific inclusions, exclusions or other requests into the works. We’ll also discuss hair, makeup and styling suggestions then guide you through our homestyle and artwork finishes with design options to pick from. We’ll also talk to you about where in the home you might want to display your gorgeous artworks.

Our 30-minute consultation is designed to understand your personality, the reasons behind your shoot and what you really want to get out of the masterpiece we’re about to collectively generate. This is also your opportunity to ask questions you may have and chat with our professional team – This is the unique service we are so well known for.

An immersive experience awaits

Our all-inclusive experience is comprised of three primary elements: Professional hair and makeup styling, the photoshoot and portrait viewing.

The Studio1000 team are trained to adapt to a range of both peoples’ and pets’ personalities directing each part of the day in-line with individual comfort levels and the best ways to pose or photograph particular groups.

We set out to capture the incredible relationships, the genuine smiles, the belly laughs, the tears and the hugs. We make it our sole duty to tell your story through our studio lens.

When you arrive at our studio, you’ll be offered your very own change room. A private space where we’ll further explore and experiment with the outfits and styles we’ve talked about and planned in the consultation.

After you’re fitted out and ready for the crew, our photographers will be shooting your emotions, your connection to the present moment and the genuine atmosphere that’s expressed when these are combined.

Now it’s pampering time! A professional make-up artist will have you looking your best exuding different styles from natural, to glamorous and anything in between. We use only high-end products from brands such as MAC, NARS, Bobbie Brown and an extensive range of others. Our artists are industry professionals and have worked with a variety of celebrated and famously recognised names. This is what makes our photoshoot experience unique differentiating us from any other studio in Sydney.

We’re here to ensure your group remains completely relaxed and happily in-tune with the photographer’s guidance providing a studio environment where your nerves can comfortably dissipate, and your true inner-self can really flourish.

Following your time with our photographer, you’ll get the opportunity to view your portraits and detail your thoughts on your favourite selection.

Over the past two decades, we’ve photographed just about every theme, scenario, charisma and group dynamic you can possibly imagine, shooting beautiful and memorable sessions and creating a cherished work of art every time.

Most importantly is to remember that fun is the ultimate portraiture of memories and creating relivable moments through art is what Studio1000 do best.

Your shoot. Your loved ones. Your memories.

We believe it’s important to make memories and create unforgettable experiences with the special people in our lives. If there’s someone specific you’d love to share these moments with, let it be known that what you’re doing just wouldn’t be the same without them.

In addition to having that one-of-a-kind artwork, oftentimes the memories of the day itself and the quality time together tug the heartstrings just as much as the heirloom art piece you’ll have in the end.

Chatting to us about your invitees also allows the team to offer up tailored design, pose and setting suggestions to accentuate the shoot in both an individual sense and everyone as a group.

Our session concludes. The experience continues.

Even after an hour of your exciting session with us, relax and kick back with some refreshments and enjoy a revitalising beverage menu with your squad.

We’re serving up both hot and cold drinks including barista-style coffee, hot and cold-brew tea, sparkling water, coconut water, Kombucha and a range of bubbly goodies on request – the perfect top-off to compliment an amazing, fun-filled day with those nearest and dearest.

Your viewing consultant will guide you through one of the most memorable parts of the experience. This is where we will view and select your favourite portrait and design the perfect artwork for it.

Grab the popcorn and a refreshing beverage and sit back and laugh with the family as we relive the hugs, the laughter and all the emotion we’ve just seized.

We’ll also discuss and present some of our world-class wall art products like handmade frames, museum grade canvas, stone portrait artworks, montages, digital art boxes, heirloom albums and signature portrait boxes.

Collecting your artwork

Collection day is possibly one of the most exhilarating segments of the experience. The waiting is finally over as you step back through the workshop that helped invent and guide your keepsake artwork from the very beginning.

Your incredible artwork is now waiting for you. Arriving at the studio the heart pounds in excitement as you reconnect with a team who made the memories, moments and those stunning visuals possible. Being mere moments away from the big reveal jolts a smile as you realise the day you’ve been holding out for has finally come.

Congratulations! Here’s your premium, finalised wall art to cherish, appreciate and admire every day until forever.

The fun, the laughs, and that special family-warmth of the kids, the pets and those special people come racing back as you admire such an extraordinary memory piece.

Hanging your keepsake and cherishing it is all there is left to do now as you’ll be reminiscing the day that was Studio1000’s Unique Photoshoot Experience every time you relish in its presence.

Contact the team today for details regarding our photoshoot packages, recent blog articles or for all other Unique Photoshoot Experience enquiries.


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