10 tips on what to wear to your photo shoot.

With more than 20 years in the industry, our unique blend of personal styling, contemporary makeup, and hair styling, combined with professional photography, we are confident in creating fresh and beautiful portraits.

Below I’ve put together 10 hot tips on what to wear and how to help you prepare for your Unique Photo Shoot Experience.

1. Consider the look you want to achieve. 

During your design and styling consultation, we get to explore all sorts of style ideas when it comes to your photo shoot from clothing, backgrounds, home-style, interests, hair, and makeup. It's all about getting to know you on a more personal level. All of this will tie into your expectations and help us achieve a suitable style and look that's tailored to you.

2. Comfy clothing. 

Your photo shoot experience should be a happy and relaxed time, so it's essential that you feel comfortable in the clothes your wearing. Aim to wear clothes that are going to fit perfectly and make you feel fantastic.

3. Avoid logos. 

Logos can detract from the main focal point, which is you. I would suggest staying away from logos unless you are trying to achieve a themed look such as a comic book look etc. So think classic and timeless when it comes to your photo shoot

4. Colors and styles that work best. 

I absolutely love color, and I always recommend to wear it. Color can pop and accentuate features such as eyes, hair, and skin tone. As part of your experience, you can do up to three different looks in our studio, so don't shy away from experimenting; you might surprise yourself. I would suggest picking a color palette and working from that. Keep your colors complementary as opposed to completely matching.

5. Coordinate your wardrobe.

As mentioned above, color palettes are a great way to start planning for what to wear. It can really help you visualize your look and keep you on track if you plan on shopping for new outfits. Avoid extreme differences, an example of this would be one person wearing an elegant silky dress and the other wearing an oversize jumper, this can look off-balance.

6. Patterns. I love pattern,

but I recommend matching your pattern into your color pallet and try to avoid too many people wearing different designs as this will clash and really distract from the focal point.

7. Accessories & Props. 

I remember as a makeup artist in my glamour portrait days, it was all about accessorizing, adding pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, feather bowers, and fur coats, etc. Today I believe it's all about personalizing your photo shoot, so think sentimental. These items or accessories could be a unique piece of jewelry gifted to you from a loved one or your favorite hat or even a tattoo or body part you would like to feature.

8. Hair & Makeup.

Think about the look you want to achieve, do you wear makeup daily? Do you prefer a natural look or perhaps a glam look? I recommend bringing images along to your design and styling consultation so we can work through your expectations. We always suggest arriving at your photo shoot with clean, dry hair and no makeup. Our makeup artists are highly trained and experienced and will make you feel incredible.

9. Be yourself. 

If you want your portraits to be a real representation of you, your personality, and your style, you must be relaxed in your clothes, happy with your hair and makeup, and comfortable with your photographer.   

10. Have fun. 

Having a Unique Photo Shoot Experience is meant to be fun. What matters most is how you feel. Tune into your heart become present in your body and in the moment. Whether in front of or behind the camera, it should always be a collaborative and enjoyable experience. We want you to feel super comfortable during a shoot and be wowed with the end result of how your portraits turn out!

Mark Flew - Studio Director

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