10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Shoot this Christmas

It’s that time of year again.

As that joyful Christmas cheer begins creeping up behind us, the universally dreaded planning of over-the-top celebrations and gift idea decisions begin to either excite or haunt us all.

But Christmas is supposed to be a time for fun and family and conveying it through thoughtfulness and generosity.

Why not really make it count this year and treat your loved ones with something special that will survive and inspire your family for generations to come?

Here are ten reasons to round up the grandparents, kids and those relatives you visit once a decade and shoot a professional family portrait this December with Studio1000:

1. Create priceless family memories

Quality photography is all about capturing moments that harness positive and affectionate vibes through outstanding imagery and talent.

A warm, Christmas-themed family portrait is a tangible recollection designed to stimulate both the incredible memories and emotions that flooded that particular time you were lucky enough to all be reunited together again.

Memories created with photographic magic are simply priceless as instilling distant and lost loved ones into a piece of art forever is virtually un-matchable.

2. It’s an exclusively unique generational investment

You’ve only got one family and as much as we dislike mentioning it, none of us will be around longer than the heavens intend. A family portrait is a prized possession that gets handed down to children and passed on to siblings over multiple generations.

Your future family members will not only be carrying on your legacy, but rather too carrying a fond, memorable masterpiece of who their grandparents or great grandparents were.

3. Something a little different everyone can be involved in

It’s not often families are able to organise a time or activity where everyone is capable of participating or enjoying it on the same level. Investing in our Unique Photoshoot Experience at Christmas time provides any sized family with an ideal opportunity to include everyone making this holiday period incredibly special and distinctive!

Think of how frequently you’re all together realistically. If not now, then when?

4. The perfect gift!

Remember how difficult it was to buy presents for everyone last year?

Family portraits are the ultimate, personalised gift to show your sincerity and love for those supporting you throughout life’s journey in more ways imaginable. Check out our Unique Gift Box Experience here.

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5. It’s a self-esteem and confidence booster

Looking back on moments where our best or ideal self was visually conveyed and permanentised with artwork can supply us with some much-needed confidence and dopamine spikes.

A family portrait can help rejuvenate that feeling of self-worth, encourage us to self-motivate and is a healthy reminder of the true essence of ourselves and who we once were.

6. It’s the most enjoyable and appealing form of family documentation

The unique nature of modern-day photography provides families with a more vibrant and entertaining method of storytelling as opposed to not having anything visual to explain significant events to future generations.

7. Holding a pictorial legacy is important

Creating something that’s so near and dear to your family’s hearts is crucial to sealing those memories as a monumental reflection of your legacy for your children, and their children.

They say with age comes wisdom and while that may be accurate, getting older most certainly has its downfalls like beginning to forget these special moments.

Set those memories firmly into a remarkably stunning artwork for your hallway or living room ensuring every home Christmas celebration is an emotionally prosperous one.

IMG_6228 - copy.jpg

8. Revitalise your home

Sometimes the family home just needs a fresh touch-up or a new ornament or conversation piece to infuse a little life back into the place. Christmas time welcomes the brightest of colour schemes and pallets into our lives as we welcome celebration, people and festivities to share our homes with.

That family portrait wall art might just be the perfect spur of inspiration required to restore the fun and quirky Christmas atmosphere your house once had around this time of year.

9. It’s an opportunity to freeze time

How many occasions present themselves throughout a regular year where you’re given the chance to incorporate all age groups, generations and their wildly varying personalities into a single moment?

We’d imagine they’re few and far between at best, so embrace the unity, love and kindness together this year and stop the clock to capture something cherish-able.

10. Reminiscing from something illustrative is great emotional support

There may come a time in the future where a little motivation or a spirit-lifting piece of inspiration couldn’t hurt. These portraits connect us with our ancestry and serve as both a recap and a guideline of how our families came to be while perhaps also providing insight on where they’re headed next.

As much as life experiences and memories can be verbally discussed, it’s just not quite the same as having the graphically detailed shots that complement a family tale.

Thinking about booking a Unique Photo Shoot Experience?

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